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Frequently Asked Questions on Viagra - Australia

The drug Sildenafil citrate, which is commonly marketed as Viagra, was basically meant to treat erectile dysfunction. It can be bought easily online and an average of 9 pills is believed to be sold per second. But some people still have a lot of apprehensions and queries about the efficacy and harmful side effects of the drug.

The first clinical trials on the drug Sildenafil or Viagra, as it is popularly known, were enough to establish, that it could stimulate noticeable penile erections with very little effect on the heart. The drug which was patented in 1996 by Pfizer was approved by FDA in 1998, for use in conditions leading to erectile dysfunction.

It is one of most ubiquitous drug which can be found in any store online or otherwise.  But its effect and benefits are still not understood clearly by everyone. It is most commonly used by men but it is also used to improve sexual function in women, when it is reduced due to antidepressant drugs.


Here are answers to some of the questions which people would like answers for but hesitate to ask.

The More Common Questions

What’s the purpose of this drug?

This drug was primarily meant for men who suffered from impotency. This drug increases the flow of blood to the penile region and help men have a satisfactory erection. They are able to maintain the erection required to complete intercourse. Thus it is to be taken by men who suffer from erectile dysfunction for sexual arousal.

How can one take the drug?

The method to take the drug is in the form of an oral pill. It is to be taken an hour before one requires it.  It is the first oral medicine to be introduced for treating erectile dysfunction. It is available in 25, 50, and 100 mg potency and is to be taken as per advised by your doctor. It is a prescription medicine although sometimes it is available without prescription. The information provided with the medicine is to be followed, before taking the pill.

What happens when a man takes the pill?

Actually a man does not feel anything as the drug is not an aphrodisiac. Since there is no sensation or feeling experienced, the user might even feel that the drug is not working. But he can be assured that many changes are happening in his body. The pill moves into the blood vessels and begins to block the enzyme PDE-5. This blocking increases the flow of blood in the nose, skin and penile region.  As reduced blood flow is known to be the cause of erectile dysfunction, the pill definitely overcomes this problem.

Does the drug work well for everyone?

It is believed that it does not work for nearly 25 % of the people. Giving somebody a good erection does not necessarily imply good sex. Couples, who have been dealing with erectile dysfunction for long periods, need more time to get used to the new improved scenario.  So it is not that the pill does not work, but that the couples need more time to regain their intimacy. Doctors actually ask the patients to try the pills at least eight to ten times before they give up on it. Most men who are regular users relate life changing experiences in their marital life.

What are the most common side effects?

The drug often gives a flushed face, stuffy nose and a headache. But it is not so severe and only one percent of people have stopped the drug due to side effects.  A few people also have complained of visual disturbances and upset stomach, when they take Viagra. The side effects are felt for longer periods of time, if the dosage is more than what is clinically required.

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